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Setting up a CNC lathe – FANUC G50

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Note: The G-code and procedures assume Fanuc controller, but concepts can be used across brands. “Making The Connection” There are three important relationships you need to make when setting a CNC lathe. Machine Zero or Reference Point. Tool Change Position/Safe move (G50) Program Zero 1 and 2 are the XZ location of the center of the tool turret. Setting Tool Length Offsets using Q-setter (Note: If you need to know the manual version of this process, let me know) For the love of sweet baby whoever, if you don’t already have a Q-setter automated tool offset system… go get your …

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Lathe Speed Control – G96 Constant Surface Speed

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The lathe as we know, is different than a mill in the simple fact that with a lathe, our part is what rotates and our tool is what stays steady. Because of that we need to calculate our speed and feeds based of the rotation of the part. Cutting Speed (SFPM) = (Spindle RPM X Cut Diameter (in.)) / 4 Like a mill we could use a G97 and set a constant speed of 500 and make our cut.  But, what if we are preforming a cut that reduces the Cut Diameter parameter from above.  (Think basic facing operation) So we know …

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An Example G-Code program (Drill four holes)

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G90 G20 G40 G80 G91 G28 X0.0 Y0.0 Z0.0 G92 X-10.0 Y5.0 Z0.0 T1 M6 G0 G90 X.5 Y-.375 Z0.0 S1600 M3 G43 Z.1 H1 M8 G83 X.5 Y-.375 Z-.45 R.1 Q.1 F5.0 X4.5 Y-1.625 X.5 G80 G0 G90 Z4.0 M5 M9 G28 X0.0 Y0.0 Z0.0 M30 G-Code Meaning O01334 Program Number (X0Y0 IS THE UPPER LEFT HAND CORNER, WHEN LOOKING AT THE MACHINE/PART) (X0Y0 IS THE UPPER LEFT HAND CORNER, WHEN LOOKING AT THE MACHINE/PART) (Z0 IS THE TOP OF THE PART)(TOOL1: 1/4 DRILL) Detailed Comments should ALWAYS be added to the top of your program, and throughout. G90 …