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Setting up a CNC lathe – FANUC G50

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Note: The G-code and procedures assume Fanuc controller, but concepts can be used across brands. “Making The Connection” There are three important relationships you need to make when setting a CNC lathe. Machine Zero or Reference Point. Tool Change Position/Safe move (G50) Program Zero 1 and 2 are the XZ location of the center of the tool turret. Setting Tool Length Offsets using Q-setter (Note: If you need to know the manual version of this process, let me know) For the love of sweet baby whoever, if you don’t already have a Q-setter automated tool offset system… go get your …

Machinist Job Set Up (Making The Connection)

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Machine Home and Part Origin The machine home position is a physical location of the machine that is set by the manufacturer. Each machine will have a “work envelop” which should be maximized with the proper machine home. The part origin will ultimately be a Cartesian offset from the Machine 0,0,0. (See pic1) If datum’s are specified on the blueprint, the part origin must be the intersection of those three planes. If GD&T is not in use, then the Machinist should consider where the majority of the dimensions are coming from. Find the Edge The standard edge finder will have …