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One Of The Most Used Machine Motion Types

If you want to earn money machining, you better know something about this machine motion type.

It was one of the first designed by those crazy mad scientists at MIT.

In its most basic form, the command directs your machine to move the TCP (tool center point) linearly, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

With those three motion types, you can have the (c)NC machine move any way you want.

Even the very complex looking multi-axis surface machining you see examples of are primarily built using it.

What is the toolpath type?

G01 = Linear interpolation at a specific feed rate.

General Syntax

G01 Zn Fn
Xa.0 Ya.0
G0 Zn
G01 Z-.2 F30.
X2.0 Y3.0
G0 Z3.0

G01 Requires a place to go and a f Feed rate.

Don’t over think this. Read it as:

1.Move TCP linearly down in Z point 1. Which is n offset from 0,0,0. Also, move at feed rate n.

2.Still moving linearly, move to point 2, located at Xa, Ya.

a.We give no command to move in Z.

3.Our cut is done when we arrive at point 2.

4.Rapid away to point 3. Moving only in axis Z 3.0 units.

Important Concept - TCP

Before moving forward make sure you grasp the definition of the Tool Center Point, aka TCP.

When you visualize motion of any machine, robot, etc, you should always be thinking about the TCP.

If you are hand coding the program, it is what you will focus your math on.

If you are using CAM to program, it is what you manipulate and control.

Cam Simulation of Basic G01

3 Examples of Machining That Uses G01