Goodbye Tape, Hello MCU

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I mean this when I say it, thank you to all of the engineers that came before me, who’s main goal it was to eliminate the need for us to use punch tape code…

Enter > MCU (Machine Control Unit)

A CNC machine is just an NC machine, yes it has the added benefit of an attached computer. When your favorite machine supplier builds your future CNC machine, they pre-load the MCU’s ROM (Read only memory) with their own software. This will control executive functions that will not be erased when the machine is powered down.

ONe of the major impacts my mentors have noted when they first switched to CNC/MCU, was the newfound ability to “on the fly MDI”. Manual Data Input by the operator/engineers is stored on the RAM (Random access memory) portion of the computer. This allowed much faster creation and editing of their (c)NC programs.

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